Classic NFL Uniforms from the Past 50 Years

1. San Diego Chargers

  • Version: Throwback
  • Years: 2000, 2002-2006, 2009
  • Level of Greatness: All 32 NFL teams have tried, several times, to produce something for their teams to wear that comes close to what the San Diego Chargers have done with their modernized throwbacks that have become their most requested jersey, and one of the NFL’s most popular jersey. They went back in time to recreate a uniform they wore, once upon a time, using the light blue, lightning bolts, and helmet numbers to perfection.

1. 2004 Chargers e1473958633989 560x410

2. New York Jets

  • Version: Standard
  • Years: 1965 – 1977
  • Level of Greatness: What is not to love about those green meanies? The retro Jets uniforms, shown below, remains one of the top selling throwbacks ever, especially the Joe Namath one. Tune on the TV during a Jets game and notice how many fans are rocking that same classic style. It is the best the team has ever had too.

12. 1976 Jets 560x373

3. Los Angeles Rams

  • Version: Standard
  • Years: 1964 – 1972
  • Level of Greatness: Roman Gabriel wore the Rams white and blue uniforms the best back in the late 60’s. He lead the team to 32-7-3 record during a three year span that put them in the NFC playoffs before losing in the first round, twice. Before they changed from white to yellow, the uniforms were worn every game and still look amazing, even in the black and white video replays. These are the most underrated of all the uniforms on the list.

3. 1967 Rams e1473958593845

Lawrence Taylor, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, and John Elway are some of the greatest NFL players ever. They all worked hard throughout their entire career and some of them even reaped the benefits of all of the hard work with a Super Bowl ring, or more.

It was beautiful to watch them play. They were like actors in a play performing at their best every time they stepped onto the football field. From the amazing passes in the back of the end zone to the hard-hitting linebackers that scared the crap out of their opponents, what good is a performance without an amazing wardrobe?

The uniforms worn by these players were some of the coolest ever worn in the history of the NFL. Not once did they wear something called, “Color Rush.” There are so many more classic uniforms over the past 50 years that can only be described as bad ass, and below we’ve assembled our Top

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